The Godfather: A handful of tips
easy!!!!!! [ old one ]
easy!!!!!! bro just fight your way threw those famlies than go in thier compound (first or 2nd 1) than have bomb ammo and blow it up!
100% [ old one ]
i dont need to worry i v beat the whole game and still having war with cops fighting them and robbing banks lol........
heyo [ old one ]
does anyone know how to buy new clothes?
Carlito [ old one ]
I dont find the key to leave the car. I tried every single key on the keyboard and nothing. Can somebody please help me?
Carlito [ old one ]
Ok i got my answer, there were a subject allready.
GODMOTHER [ old one ]
I need to execute a rival member by smashing his brains out on a counter. Where can I find one thats inside? I took over all the businesses. Oh ya and i have to shove one of those greasy bastards out a window too.
bartle [ old one ]
Some doors are locked. Is there a way to unlock them?
petey [ old one ]
To buy new clothes go to tha load game menu and go to tha tailors shop.
slamm [ old one ]
I need to execute a rival mob member by throwing him out a one story window. ive already hit everyone on the hitlist and taken over all warehouses and business. Where can i find a rival mob member?
tupul [ old one ]
how to get down from the car in pc game in god father?
Tattaglia-NY [ old one ]
Each Compound Ect: tattaglia, stracci, cuneo, barzini in every compound each enemie does the same action and evrything so get used to what they do it makes taking over compounds much easier
jk [ old one ]
How do u get out of the car? I pressed every keys and i cant seem to get out and im only in the training mission!`(sleeping with the fishes)
PSYSUSAN [ old one ]
2/11/07 Who are the guys who are dressed in red bell boy outfits in the underground in Hell's Kitchen. I know that one guy's name is Cuneo; however there are a lot of Irish also.
psysusan [ old one ]
Any significance to the leather trunks in the street and allys?
ali [ old one ]
how to come out from car or how to leave any vehicle?
ali [ old one ]
plz tell me on this id coollook_hotstyle@hotmail.com
Racket Trucks [ old one ]
OK.Everytime I try to rob these things the driver and everyone else never comes out.I've tried all the information this subject on this board.None have worked.They just run off and never come out.Any suggestions?
Im better than U [ old one ]
Racket Trucks, hav u got the don of NYC statis coz if u hav all of those trucks r yours and you can't rob them
sush [ old one ]
how do i get out of the car in the game?
Racket Trucks [ old one ]
No I haven't become Don of NYC.I have to take over the Stracci Hub and I can't anyways cause I have 3 execution styles left and every time I try one execution, one of my men come out of nowhere and shoots him before I can finish the execution.
sam the king of godfather [ old one ]
samakaglen@hotmail.co.uk any gamers???
spyrosdu [ old one ]
how do we get out of a vehicle?
vikis [ old one ]
bl bl bl
rock p [ old one ]
ne1 knws hw 2 get outta car?
joe [ old one ]
wheres the location of all the prize fighters
grim [ old one ]
how do i buy new outfits?? or where??
Shoki [ old one ]
After becoming Don of NYC is there any higher status to achieve?? Also is there an area to find black market deals that is easy to complete the traffic exectution e.g. by tunnel or something???
Shoki [ old one ]
I dont know if you mean more clothes than offered at the talor shop "grim" but when you load the game go to tailor shop before joining the family (ps2)
NCFlygirl [ old one ]
Hey How do I enter the Tailor Shop to buy new clothes. I've read where it says "load the game and enter the tailor shop" but this has never shown on my screen. When I load a game it simply takes me back to where I was playing. PC version.
getting out of the car [ old one ]
I'm new to the game but have found getting out of the car is simply done by pressing the space bar. I play using only the key board so this won't help if you're using a game pad.
don [ old one ]
press t on pc verion to get out of cars
don [ old one ]
to change clothes in the load game area there an option called edit.... click on that and u have clothes to change
jujusjay [ old one ]
i dont know how to pass horse play some1 help me
screen shot [ old one ]
Hey anyone know how to do an ingame screenshot/screen capture?
Don [ old one ]
Hey Don, thanks for the changing clothes tip, did the trick and dang do I look dashing.
extorting [ old one ]
Should I be doing something differently? Often times when I'm trying to extort a business mob guys will start beating me up or shooting me while I'm trying to beat the shop owner into extortion. I ususally get killed. I've extorted some when there are no other mob guys around or just one mob guy that's easy to kill. Any suggestions from seasoned players?
To Exorting- [ old one ]
Yeah i used to have that problem. Best thing to do is is kill the guys outside of the store or just straight up kill everyone. Another problem could be your vendetta is to high with the other families. So if they see you and your vendetta is fairly high they will immediately start to shoot at you. Lower your vendetta or kill them thats basicly your only options.
ScreenShots [ old one ]
Anybody know how to do an ingame screenshot?
Racket Trucks [ old one ]
I keep seeing box-like trucks driving around the city and am assuming these are racket trucks. I've tried shooting at them, hijacking them and nothing happens. How DO you get these, and the goodies inside of them?
Warehouses [ old one ]
How do I find the warehouses to exploit?
PRINTABLE MAP [ old one ]
Has anyone found a place where I can print a map, the one included in the game is so small I can't read the streets.
HELP [ old one ]
How do I upgrade my weapons? I've tried buying more ammo from the blackmarket guys but I have full ammo so nothing happens. Is there a dealer where I buy upgrades for weapons.
well, first, for the trucks you just have to keep shooting a truck until it stops and the mobsters get out to kill you the best way to do it is to put a car in front of the truck so it cant escape. once you took care of em you have to persuade the truck driver until he gives you the keys of the truck. finally you have to take the truck to a safehouse and the money its yours. second , for the upgrades you just have to look in the map for the weapon icons with a star on em. 1 star=medium upgrad 2 stars= max upgrade Hope that makes it easier for you guys
MAP? [ old one ]
well you just have to zoom in and you will be able to read the streets
Appreciate all [ old one ]
your help, got the truck thing down as well as the weapons upgrade. When I see a blackmarket guy selling ammo why would I buy ammo when I can get it for free at my safehouse or doing a stracci after save??? One more, any hints on taking over a warehouse, I've been trying for one solid week and CANNOT capture it. If I'm having this much trouble with a warehouse I'll never be able to take over a hub or family. Any suggestions appreciated. About the map, yeah I got that part but want a printable copy so I can mark the stuff I've taken over. The one in the game isn't readable.
don zac [ old one ]
this game is easy
don zac [ old one ]
watch out if your next 2 an exploding car, because if your next 2 1, you might get stuck on the ground, i've learned my lesson
How Da Hell Do U Get Dis [ old one ]
Iv'e been trying for ages to get clothes but i finnaly know how to do it. But When i was looking at Godfather images ps2 on google i saw the character that you are and he looked way more detailed he had a grey suit his shoes where shiny like all the other characters on the game (eg clemenza,santino,paulie) he looked well detailed like all the other characters like don vito corleone he had stubbles that was barely seen and his suit didnt look plastic it look so detailed and i was playin da game tryin to figure out how to look like him i went into gabriels talor shop in little italy and the suit was up on the display i need to know if you can buy it from the talor shops or if you can only look like this guy on other versions eg ps3,xbobx 360 or wii ?
When Your Don Of Nyc Or Just Don It Dumb [ old one ]
When Your Don Of Nyc Or Just Don people tottaly disrespect you you go to one of your men and talk they say don't forget me when your don when you are don they also say it goods to have you in the family and give you tips how to run the business this i really dumb and makes the game really stupid and taking down warehouses is so easy and fun compounds are easy and hubs are even easier can't beileve you people think its hard my trick is to get upgrages off all your weapons get the health cheat and weapon cheat will will make it much easier And How comes there are so much vespuccis in the game
Cugine [ old one ]
Shut the hell up you stupid sonofabitch.
don zac [ old one ]
whoever created his website, add a map that shows all the rackets/fronts in al of Little Italy, Broolyn, Hell's Kitchen, andMidtown
Homer [ level 106 ]
on my game, i have all of the rackets, warehouses, compounds, extortion, hubs, and execution styles. the only thing i have to do is become don of NYC. what else do i have to do?
dommcg123 [ level 106 ]
can any1 tell me where the 5 prize fights are ive already got 4 n i really want the last 1
Donof2007 [ level 106 ]
if u kill a dude with a blue bag,a brown coat he will probably drop $3000
pancake93 [ level 106 ]
How long do you need to wait when you killed a racket boss? i bin playin for ages but its still closed!! all i need to do is get that racket and ive finished the whole damn game!!!!
Drago [ level 105 ]
I saw an old comment in which someone had problems getting out of the car. That is my problem, I cant get out, space is to get in as it is the action button but I cant get out of the car once Im inside. I have looked at the controls and there is no say to how to get out of it and I have tried pushing every button on my mouse and keyboard but I still cant get out. Every other button works perfectly though, as specified by the controls. Does anybody know what the problem could be?
aLeX224922 [ level 102 ]
HELP. um, i've been trying to rob this bank (one right next to the safe house). I know I have to blow open the safe, but everytime the bomb goes off, no matter where i am, i die. How do I successfully rob it?
smooky [ level 93 ]
pls help i dont know how 2 get cloths 2 my user... send me on e-mail pls... gaara10@walla.com
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smooky [ level 93 ]
mmmm,hi,someone can tell me pls how i'm win in mob war??... i killed all "S" Mafia with Mob War but... i lost the war... pls help me...=((
Trojan1953 [ level 91 ]
Have to tell you, YOU HAVE DONE YOUR HOMEWORK. This 55 year old "fart" is thankful for what you have done. I have played this game, over and over, walking, searching, getting frustrated, but never giving in. I had 98 movie reels. Thank you for pointing out "Pitt Street and the billboard at the toll gate, on the Westside Highway".

I may not have any records, but I have completed the entire game in 18 hours and 37 minutes. Is that Good, Fair, or below average. I would like HONEST replies.

Again, thank you for this site. It does not belittle you, but rather, gives you directions and instructions as if you are there, with me, playing the game.

Some people may not like your format, but, THEY are the losers.
The_Godfather [ level 76 ]
How to rob a bank: Bribe the cop outside, You need DYNAMITE, NOT BOMBS. Dynamites are smaller than bombs., kill the guards inside the bank your robbing, find the safe, plant the dynamite, then collect the money, then get into a closest vehicle and drive off to your safe house.
The_Godfather [ level 76 ]
STAINED GLASS EXECUTION STYLE: Get a rival mobster, keep on hurting him until his health is low, not dead, then throw him through a window.

HARD HEAD EXECUTION STYLE: Get a rival mobster, then keep on bashing his head on the counter.

TRAFFIC ACCIDENT EXECUTION STYLE: Get a rival mobster with low health, then throw him at a moving car.

Jay Z [ level 75 ]

Hi there!

This may sound stupid but im just asking a simple question about business extortion.

If im accidentally too rough in pressuring the shopkeeper and there comes

"payout lost" (or if I "accidentally" kill him/her) message, (I tried killing the business keeper

and there comes the message to shops door "Business closed due to a death in a family")

is it possible anymore to extort the same business-place later, or, complete the game,

as it is necessary to have al the shops to become the Don?

...hoping an aswer soon from somebody please

Thank you, :O -Jan from Finland

geetha [ level 71 ]
what is Strangle? and which keys for use.
WeddingDresses [ level 70 ]
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The Godfather: A handful of tips