EQ2 QUEST: Heritage | Stiletto's Orders Intercepted (Manastone)
Cadiuz [ old one ]
EQ2 QUEST: Heritage | Stiletto's Orders Intercepted (Manastone)
What is the kedges' lament?
Pageuseun, lvl 34 Conjurer @ Splitpaw [ old one ]
You need to kill Captain Ulsissariss in CoD to get the first quest update, you can spawn him by putting the hand gained from the Octagorgon.
junnet24 [ old one ]
i have some asking for this quest (1) where can i get those "glimmering tooth" ? (what zone ? what mob drop ? where can i pickup? who can make it ?) (2) how can i make those "engraved plate hide" ? (what is recipe need for this ? i know, this skill need a 30 or more higher tailor skill. (3) except 6th step and still can i do next step for this quest ? (for example, kill a varsoon )
Pageuseun, lvl 35 Conjurer @ Splitpaw [ old one ]
You can obtain the Glimmering Tooth from the broker, this is a rare T4 item (usually around 35g), idem for the engraved hie plate which is around 50s I thought. You need to make the Shroud of the Manastone to continue. You can use this bag afterwards (it is a 12 Slot bag with 13% weight reduction). After killing Varsoon in RoV, go towards the left where a small room is to be found. You can click on a big chest there and then you receive the Manastone. End of Quest =)
Nanahati, 41Mystic @ runneye [ old one ]
how do i get the "Enchanted Linen of the weavemaster" ? iv allrdy killed him 3times and nothing...
Nanahati, 41Mystic @ runneye [ old one ]
how do i get the "Enchanted Linen of the weavemaster" ? iv allrdy killed him 3times and nothing...
Jaaeck,,, 36 Mystic,, Splitpaw [ old one ]
Just to clear things up,,, The "treasure" or object referred to in "finding aboard Kedge's Lament (sunken ship in the bay of Cove of Decay) actually drops from a level 30^^ mob. The mob is actually a level 30 Epicx2 mob (the Pirate) in Cove of Decay. Obtain a hand from a chest in the water under Octagorgon, examine the hand, then interact with the campfire in the middle of the tents. Captain Ulissaris (or something like that) will appear. Kill him for the update (not an actual drop). Hope this helps...
Raffael [ old one ]
I inspected the skeleton (without the hand) and spawned bout 10 lvl 50 epics
Brungo Blumble, Dictator-for-Life of Valerunner Trading, AB server [ old one ]
I just happened upon the rat by chance; he was wandering around on the shore near to Innoruuk's shrine. I follow him for a half hour, and he never left that small area. He definitely does not have placeholders, and doesn't necessarily wander near said bridge. He was a fairly easy kill for a grop of 4 w/level 30 templar. The rest of the information posted by Nisse is accurate, as far as I can tell. My subjects who had completed the quest verified all of it.
nathenia [ old one ]
what is the reward for this quest please?
Raffael [ old one ]
Reward is Manastone can't give stats sry.
alcor [ old one ]
so what lvl is Varsoon
Razordark ~Ascension, Permafrost [ old one ]
Calls for 1 Etched Hide Plate now, not Engraved...
Slicer, Najena [ old one ]
Need to complete 'Where will this lead me' quest after recieving the key of immortality (step 10).
Shaemus, Oasis, 35 zerker [ old one ]
Stiletto doesn't just appear on the island, I've also seen him wander on the beach near the centaurs, a wee bit past the Coldwind station in TS.
Godatte, Runnyeye, 40 Ranger [ old one ]
Saw gun West of Cguef Derrog near Goliaths
Phantessa [ old one ]
Since the Fallen Dynasty and tradeskill change update - You have to use a boiled leather pelt to make the shroud.
Taddari, lvl 40, Antonia Bayle [ old one ]
You no longer need to Chamber or Immortality access quest. This is also a good quest to pair up with A Strange Black Rock, as both need to kill Varsoon.
Lleneost, Antonia Bayle, 45 Fury [ old one ]
Stileto is one UGLY ratonga. He has no placeholders, just a long spawn time. He spawns at the crater near the Giants, then either heads over the bridge through the gnolls to the centaur camp, or goes south to the beach and heads for the griffon tower. If you spot him and no one kills him, he'll respawn in about 15 minutes, otherwise it's a 2 hr RL spawn. I highly suggest you have a scout with you to let you know when he spawns. In the meantime, this is also a rich harvest area (next to the Shrine of Decay and the Centaur Camp) so you can restock your raws while you wait. Next you have to go to Cove of Decay to get a treasure from a boat (it's a decayed hand) You have to kill Octogorgon to get it. We found Octogorgon in the basic Cove of Decay. Killed him, then examined a chest on the sea bed to get the hand. Take the hand back to the beach and throw it in the fire. The Captain and his pet will spawn, Even with a 64 swashie, 54 fury and 47 fury, he's still one long fight. Level 31 Epic x2. His pet is only a level 31, he'll go down quick if you have AOE spells, so don't worry about him. The weaver part is still the same, you must examine a book on a table to the right of the door as you enter. The weaver spawns at the top of a platform in the room. When killed you get the linen and the recipe for the shroud You no longer need a hide plate for the shroud. Glimmering Tooth, filament, the linen and a pelt (can't remember which one, but not a rare). it's a no-fail recipe. Glimmering Tooth is a rare, but not a lot on the broker (70s when I did this) Go back to Ruins of Varsoon, You should be able to get in to the Chamber without an access quest, but the lock out timer still applies if you fail. He doesn't give a speech anymore, so this is very simple if he's already up. He'll spawn 2-3 mobs (extraplanar creatures) 2-3 each. Then you can kill him. Go find the chest in a room to left of where Varsoon spawns and you get the stone. Level 30, charm, increases power of caster by 150, unlimited charges. 1.0 to cast, recast timer 45 secs.
Lord of the Lords, Haggred Stormbringer [ level 105 ]
How do you get access to the Chamber of Immortality???? i keep not getting premmision..
EQ2 QUEST: Heritage | Stiletto's Orders Intercepted (Manastone)