Dragonshard: Chapter 3 | Hostile Natives
spliff [ old one ]
Dragonshard: Chapter 3 | Hostile Natives
I have completed every mission, I have been over and over every little nook on both the maps. i found the seal but I don't know what to do with it. I'm able to walk all around it but I cannot open it. I get no ending cinematic sequence as shown above. what am I doing wrong?
NoSweat [ old one ]
the same thing is happening to me... i think it is a glich in the game...i am getting so frustrated
nuttah [ old one ]
yes there surely is a bug here Ill try replaying the mission
Elrond [ old one ]
it's kind of bug i think, i had this situation once you may try to load your last save and finish the chapter or you may restart the whole chapter installing tha latest path may be the solution as well
Daemon [ old one ]
Same thing for me, i have gone through this level twice and i can't find what to do. all my objectives have been met. Is there a patch to download? Sooooo, irritated.
warrobe [ old one ]
in chapter 3# for order of flame I can't go through the door to fight the Medusa, is there any key or tool which I have forgot?
Skuller [ old one ]
man how da hell do u get ur ppl thru tha door 2 kick tha medusa girl's a**??.....da door is lockes by sum bluish thingy.....da spirit is standin by it n keeps on vaporising n cumin back again but da door is sealed.......ave checked every nook n cranny of da map(as far as we can go) n found no way to get past tha place......pliz help.......i ave 2 resort to playin other games while avin not finished one........i neva do that.....
BAB [ old one ]
There is still a bad guy you need to slay (south ouest) to free the passage...
dagamer667 [ old one ]
That mission is easily bugged if you load a saved game. I had the same glitch with the ghost getting stuck. Killing the beholder didn't work either.
Elrond [ old one ]
This is another bug - you can't go to quick after the Neleyna or the door won't open. I suggest to wait about 5 or so minutes, and then go after her
maplelane [ old one ]
Has anyone figured out what the level 3 bug is that does not finish out the level after completing all main and subquests? I have no performance issues at all, just the level three does not finish after the seal and lizard quests are complete????
BelDaniel [ old one ]
does anyone know of any way to get past level 3 with that really annoying bug, as i have tried many ways including reloading saved games and restarting the mission?!?
dagamer667 [ old one ]
Unfortunately, the only thing I think of is to completely uninstall the game, with saves and all, and to reinstall the game, patch to the latest version, and then create a fresh profile. You are not too far into the game, and you'll lose only a couple of hours worth of play.
boski [ old one ]
i have completed all objectives on level 3 and now running around the level like a blue arsed fly tryed everything on the seal but the level does not finish can anyone sugest an answer!
Fargone [ old one ]
They should give discounts when their products do not work properly. Level three is my down fall.
white sorcerer [ old one ]
Does anyone has an other idea, for finishing level 3 without reinstalling the game? It aint wright isn't it?? (yes I also finished al the main and sidequests...but nothing happens.... Could it also help by playing the mission again?? So that I can finally move on :-))
Blitz [ old one ]
Thanx it helped me out with meticulous bonus 2000
Bug sucks [ old one ]
Also with this level 3 bug. And to replay to here to risk getting the same bug again = nonsense. And this site should note the big in their lists. I also downloaded the latest patch before I started (5-4-06) so I don't see how downloading two days later would help
is there a way aroound the bug referred to below [ old one ]
Is there a way around the bug referred to below with the level not finishing? I note many people with the same problem and a distinct shortage of solutions.
Lau [ old one ]
I got a different bug in this level, but it's wierd nonetheless: Just at the entrance of the corridor of spiders I ended up having Kael stuck at one of the pedestals (he must've been flung up by debris or something). Had to finish the game the hard way (with only Maryyn and a whole lotta lizards at my back).
Eline C [ level 87 ]
I'm having a question about an answer on a question. I'm playing for 3 days and I'm stuck at the Medusa-quest in chapter 3 with the gate to the chambre.

Someone said something about another enemy to slay. I just slayed Lord Ratha'k(or something like that). So could someone give details about how to open that gate?Cause I really can't find it.
Dragonshard: Chapter 3 | Hostile Natives