Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Stop Sadiq
Rosty0424 [ level 32 ]
Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Stop Sadiq
On the last mission to kill Sadiq. For the life of me I can not take him out using the knife. Pressing Melee (X) on XBOX 360 does not work. This is driving me crazy. I have tried this last map at least 3 dozen time and Sadiq kills Sam every time. HELP...!!!!!!!
Stranger [ gamepressure.com ]
I don't really know how to help you, because I've finished this game on a 360 and it was all fine. Maybe your controller is broken or it's low on batteries?
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thegreataml [ level 32 ]
anyone no how to finish sadiq, ??? I push the X meelee button and he always kills me with the knife. HELP!!!!!!!!!
Rosty0424 [ level 32 ]
My controller works just fine on Meele on everything else. I am suppose to hold it down or tap it while trying to grab the knife. I can't even grab the freakin knife from him to go any further. frustrating to say the least.
lynzy [ level 32 ]
I'm having the same problem my x button works for everything else in the game except for the (mesh) part with sadiq I can get the knife but keep getting killed I've emailed ubisoft and they've asked me to send screenshots of my control settings but it's not that it just flat out doesn't work and I'm getting very irritated at the problem not being solved L40 plus for a game I can't finish
lynzy [ level 32 ]
Scratch my last comment you have to tap the x button like mad once you've got the knife while typing the last message I tried again and couldn't believe that it worked I've only tried about 20 times lol
HelperZ [ level 25 ]
yeah i had the same problem i tried taping it once, multi-tapping it, and also holding it but it turns out when you get the knife tap "x" (or on pc "E") a million times dont stop pressing it till he flips over then when that happens congraulations you just completed it.
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reddevil1953 [ level 100 ]
I have also tried to finis using both X on controller and E on pc and can not Finnish, BOTH work on all other occasions very frustrating
gfunk1969 [ level 13 ]
Game is a load of crap... Tried finishing Sadiq a million times with same outcome. I die. get a grip ubisoft. a game that you can not complete.. Load of bollocks. controller is working fine.. brand new 360 controller 3 days old. dont buy this game if you like to complete them. ive completed all the splinter cell games with no problems. very very dissapointed ubisoft.
amazing@Gmz717 [ level 10 ]
The game worked out for me. The game is NOT a piece of crap, plus who are you to rate the games you play ,gfunk1969. Its not the game, if anything its the person playing the game.
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When you are trying to stab Sadiq in the leg

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just mash the button like crazy. If not I recommend just NOT PLAYING THE GAME! But if you do have problems, and want to try to fix your problems with the button mashing moments, I recommend playing God Of War. If you're over the age of at least 16 or if your parents don't mind you playing games with boobs in it. I played almost all the games. It is fun and they have a lot of button mashing sequences and I sorta used it to train for parts of games like this.
Splinter Cell: Blacklist: Stop Sadiq