God of War 2: The Phoenix Chamber
Reems [ level 78 ]
God of War 2: The Phoenix Chamber
God of War is the awesome adventures game and specially know much popular for psp ,God of War II is more brutal than the first. The main quest is interesting also always surprise with attack modes bonus puzzle.This version has a lot to play as it is longer than the previous one.

Basic Tips

* Destroy all the objects you can, because you get red orbs, which are essential to increase the power of your weapons.

* Once you run out of power, and until you have a combo, the most effective attack is to use the square - square - triangle.

* The hammer is a very powerful weapon, but is slow, has limited scope and can not shoot, so keep that in mind when using it.

* The Golden Fleece is a very useful object should not be used solely to solve puzzles. Use it to refract enemies ranged attacks and even the melee, after which pressing can make a good square wave.

* The Spear of Destiny, though it may seem useful, it is not. Do not waste your time or the red orbs with her.

where for this long version some times i face problem as i got lost in some empty spaces so i thought better to refer walk through there is several walk through available but i will suggest this short one http://www.techarena.in/guide/18452-god-war-ii-walkthrough-tips-cheats.htm
God of War 2: The Phoenix Chamber