Gothic 3: The trainers
Boostrooster [ old one ]
Gothic 3: The trainers
How do I use the Murder skill? What activates it?
Winter [ old one ]
Who teachs regular two weapon fighting? I've been to montera, cape dun, silden, ardea, reddock, okara and some other place and so far no one teaches it!
:-( [ old one ]
Brew poison skill is not learnable. It does pay 2500g, yet it does not appear in "C" (talents).
Boostrooster [ old one ]
Two handed fighting is learned from the Hashishin.
Boostrooster [ old one ]
I have the same trouble with brew poison skill.
DesR85 [ old one ]
As for the person who teaches the regular two-weapon fighting, it's Navaras in Ben Erai.
dgf [ old one ]
Who teachs improved armor (from blacksmith skills)? And fire magic?
g.b.t [ old one ]
there is a secret skill at the "fighting skill" bar, it's icon is "?" what the hell is it and who teach me that skill???...
Hedgehog [ old one ]
Where can i find pure magic ore blank?
G.B.T [ old one ]
search around nordmar... metal chests in nordmar sometimes has it mmm, in trelis at that hashshin house at one of his chests there is one pure magic ore blank, and in vak house there, the metal chest near the south wall. ANYONE KNOWS WHAT IS THAT "???" SKILL?!?!?!?!
Mafiapig [ old one ]
Does anyone know of any large weapons trainers?
Mongo [ old one ]
As stated above, nearly every town, camp has a fighter trainer that can teach basic and intermediate large weapon (battle axe) skill.
damo [ old one ]
Murder skill is done by drawing your weapon first and sneaking up behind the victim, hold right mouse button to power up and first mouse button to release. The players character does a forward stab move and kills victim out right. This only works of course if you not seen or heard.
hakkebibisnboe [ old one ]
the regular two weapons skill can you learn at ishtar at varant but you only can go inside ishtar if you are reputation: 75% with the hashashin =-( that takes a long time to be that
Mongo [ old one ]
I believe you mean the master two weapons skill is taught by the fighter trainer Urgasel in Ishtar, several regular two weapon trainers throughout varant towns.
hakkebibisnoe [ old one ]
ow i thouhgt that you only can learn anything of the two blades skill at ishtar does any one knows what's the first trainer for the fighting-with-two-blades skill if you are at braga (he/she must learn it me quic so no quests needed no duel, just teach it) please answer i only need the two-blades skills and than i have all the skills!
Mongo [ old one ]
Nafalem? Tufail? Bernardo? One of them likely not until you finish their quests. Just about anyone who will train you to fight in Varant.
hakkebibisnoe [ old one ]
sorry my english isn't so good so if i understand you, can anyone at varant who's can train me anything teach me two -blade-fighting and if you can say me who can teach it to me and where he is. Is there a trainer who wants to train me the fighting whit two blades skill without i must do a quest for him or hear?
Mongo [ old one ]
Any Hashishin (long robes), not nomad, not orc, not human, who will train fighting skills (headed by strength) not alchemy, not hunting, not magic, not thieving, should be able to train you two weapon. I don't remember exact names, that's why I gave three possibles in Braga. But some will only train you after you complete a quest for them. Oh and only in varant. You may have to get town repution to high level also. They might not trust you otherwise.
CrashBoy [ old one ]
What is the resistance to cold and heat used for? I mean...when you're in Nordmar does the cold get to you? Or does the heat in the desert? I've spent some time in Nordmar and I didn't get frostbite...yet...
Mongo [ old one ]
Heat resistance gives you less damage from fire spells; cold resistance less damage from cold spells. Pretty simple.
russian [ old one ]
No mongo, I think it really does give you frostbite and fatigue. I have noticed that if you are in the nordmar and if you dont go inside buildings for along time you will have the slow endurance thing. But it changes back to normal in warm places. Note the bar does not change color.
Mongo [ old one ]
Never went to Nordmar without getting cold resistance from Lars, so you could be right, but then it may also do the other also.
Daenor [ old one ]
Someone has already asked.What about the fire mage,improve armor and the secret skill.and what about the highest knowledge spells.if you choose innos or beliar you may learn them in the shrines but what about adanos spells?Who is supposed to teach them?
Mongo [ old one ]
The followers of Adanos are the rangers, so the druid leader teaches the magic.
Gandalf [ old one ]
Who can teach me Meteor spell?
Mongo [ old one ]
Fire mages, maybe not all, but surely the one in the alcove above Rhobar in the castle of Vengard for sure.
hakkebibisnoe [ old one ]
if a problem (again) who can teach me the master thiefing skill? and i can't go inside vengard becaus there are guards for the bariar, does anyone of you know how to get into vengard without killing all the guards outside the bariar? and do i need reputation with a speacy to buy a fire mage armor and who can teach me the fire mage skill?
Mongo [ old one ]
No, you can't just walk into Vengard, the barrier will kill you. You need the telleporter stone (see that section and Gotha)
Slider [ old one ]
How do you poison a blade? i have poison, and a sword, and the skill. it doesn't work on anvil, whetstone, or alchemy bench. what am i missing?
hakkebibisnoe [ old one ]
who can teach me master thiefing?
Mongo [ old one ]
What is master thiefing? Or I should say what do you think it is? Lares is capable of teaching most thief skills.
Mongo [ old one ]
My guess if not Lares (Geldern) or Peer (Josh's farm outside Trelis), then it is Urgasal in Ishtar.
Mongo [ old one ]
Have you tried Karrypto in Vengard, he's like the boss fire mage?
andix3x [ old one ]
who can teach me ,, improve armor''
andix3x [ old one ]
who can teach me ,, make poison " I tried whith Rasul but it's a bug there
andix3x [ old one ]
What is ,, ???'' and who can teach me ???
Mongo [ old one ]
andix3x, see my last comment in Montera section, I accidently wrote it there instead of here.
hakkebibisnoe's dad [ old one ]
Please help me! I got all kinds of information on the left side of my screen It's rapidly changing information about all kind of things that are happening at that very moment, like: Chanel13# human walk left. It fills about one third of the screen. And I don't want this! How do I get rid of this shit?
Mongo [ old one ]
Sounds like you entered a troubleshooting mode, likely left buried in the code from development. Could be accessable from the cheats environment. Reload and stop using cheat window.
andix3x [ old one ]
Ok , I see them .but ,, make poison '' .Who can teach me ????
andix3x [ old one ]
Someone else to teach me ,, improve armor " ???
Mongo [ old one ]
See alchemy skills above for Prew(SIC) poison. Don't know for sure of anyone who teaches improve armor, I was guessing based on dialog that it was Thordek and if so, he may be only one who does.
slayer [ old one ]
who can teach me armorer skill from smithing skills? please help
Unamed Hero [ old one ]
How the heck do you "choose Innos" I want to be a Paladin and get regeneration.
Mongo [ old one ]
You have to collect all of the Adanos Artifacts and then first go to Rhobar, then talk to Innos at the Monastery in Nordmar. See section on Adanos Artifacts for locations.
Unamed Hero [ old one ]
Is it really worth all the time it takes to get into Ithsar and learn master of two handed weapons? Also how long does it take to get your rebel reputation up to 50 they wont let me get Paladin armor?
Arkay [ old one ]
This list does not list the skill "fire Mage' under the magic or any other section. Does anyone know where to find a trainer who will train you this.
Mongo [ old one ]
Why just about any fire mage of course, but esp. Karrypto in Vengard palace. My opinion on two weapon is no, it is not worth it, but it is worth it to get the quests in Ishtar to gain additional levels. It takes awhile to get to 50, but it is not difficult, but be careful how you choose to get there, you could short circuit a lot of potential quests by liberating too many towns, you can get there without liberating any.
Unamed Hero [ old one ]
Just for the record, if you want to learn regular two-handed sword fighting, then go to Ben Sala. I forgot the guys name but he'll teach the skill without needing to do quests or anything.
darby [ old one ]
About smithing pure ore weapons...I have been trained by Ingvar to smith weapons of pure ore, but my question is: how do I make pure ore blanks, and do I need additional 'pure ore' recipes?....if I do need new recipes, where do I get them?
Mongo [ old one ]
I am not sure how you do this but you need to learn how to purify ore. It is not listed as a skill, so there is no trainer, but somehow you need to find out how (and most likely where) it can be done. I haven't tried this but try the fire where you placed the fire chalices. Let us all know if you discover the secret.
awoo2 [ old one ]
to purify ore you should go to geldern and go to the sulpher mine a quest from Nemrok talk to the named orc outside the mine and ask about traneing it costs 1000gp
Mongo [ old one ]
What you describe sounds more like prospecting, which doubles what you get when you use a vein. This is more about creating (smithing) a pure ore weapon vs. just an ore weapon. The question is, it is a distinction with a difference or not.
HELP!! [ old one ]
Where can i learn the most powerful spells for example word of dominance?
ARCHDRUID [ old one ]
I am a Mage level 65, with 104 learning points to be spent. Ancient knowlege 295 and Alchemy 129. I want to learn how to Prew Poison, so I went to all treiners listed in guide. I click the option in a dialog box and he starts talking, when he is finished i spent 2500 gold, 5 learning points and it shows in greed letters "Learned: Prew Poison", but option is still on and when I go to the inventory the skill is still gray and I can learn it all over until I am broke or don't have enough learning points. Also no one can teach me the skill "Fire Mage" non even Karrypto, and I wonder like "HELP!!" where can I learn the most powerful spells like "Army of Darkness", "Word of Dominance" and especially "Open Locks". I am sorry for bad english, I am not from any country that speaks english and thanks in advance.
Mongo [ old one ]
I can not speak from expertise on mage (check the nick) skills, but the brew poison skill is bugged. It is a programming error and you will have to wait for a patch to fix. It might be that the mage stuff is also bugged, cause for sure if Karrypto does not teach it, then who could except perhaps the Innos shrine where Milton is or Milton or the other mages at the monastery. Can't say for sure since magic isn't my thing. And your english is just fine.
Mongo [ old one ]
Forgot to mention, you can buy poison from a few of the alchemist and I think the poison weapon skill is not bugged.
Cyanide_Trip [ level 107 ]
OMG! Please where can I find a pure ore blank?

Ok here is my problem and maybe some answer for your guys. I have found a smith recipe for the Rune Sword, 105 blade damage +5 blades, impact, misseles resstance uncrafted. Ingredients 1 x Lightining Bolt, 1 x Ice Lace, 1 x Fireball, and 1 x Pure Magic ore Blank. I found this recipe on path to Varant near the Bandit leader / renegade palidin Kurt in a cave witn minecrawlers and meatbugs. I have a recipe and the abillity to forge pure ore wepones but I can not find a Pure magic ore blank. Can any one give me some info on how to make or where i can find one. and no not regular magic ore blanks like already listed in the thred that only got me in trouble to find out they where only regular magic ore blanks, having to kill the owners of those chests ment i hade to reload from previous save.

PS: No trying to use the hammer clans ore furnise to forge with regular magic ore blanks dose not work either. when i do find a pure ore blank ill will let you guys know if we need to use any anvil or if we have to use the ore furnise
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
I have the same experience, have the recipe, traveled to every known smith, but nothing about making (never found one either) a pure magic ore blank; found plenty of magic ore blanks without thieving. I just gave it up and finished once again with the fire sword. Don't forget the fire sword does additional fire damage beyond the advertised damage. Never found the trainer for improve armor skill either. Completed two of the three paths; Adanos (Xardas) and Innos (Rhobar). The endings are rather bland, but, at least the Adanos one leaves the door open for another sequel.
GorN_RuleZ [ level 106 ]
Hi i was wondering about that regeneration ability for health because im a 2h pally with 520 hp and 320 str and i was wondering if i had to get the artifatcs before i can learn regeneration because i dont wanna get that far yet cuz im still enjoying the game so i was wondering if there was any other trainer that teaches regeneration for health besides the king and the orc leader
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
No, only Rhobar and Kan teach it, with Rhobar you first become a paladin, actually become one, not just wear the armor. And he then teaches you a few things. HP regen is nice but not that much of an advantage over gulping an occasional potion. Doesn't make you invincible and you still may need to heal during serious battles, but once the battle is over and nothing else is harming you, it will restore your health in the short walk to the next town, but when you teleport, you don't have enough time to regen. esp. if you aim to enter another long battle.
GorN_RuleZ [ level 106 ]
so does that mean that i gotta find all of the artifacts first before i can get regen and i was wondering how much it heals a sec
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Not sure about Kan, I don't think he wants the artifacts, but I have not ever gotten my rep with the orcs to 75, to gain audience with Kan (non-hostile), so I am guessing. But for Rhobar the answer is definitely yes, you have to give the artifacts to the Innos on the mountain in the monastery, then when you go see Rhobar he will make you a paladin (big deal, it's just a title), but only then will he train you. I never measured it in hit points per second, the bar visibly moves, but slowly. And like I said it helps, but you are not invincible, nice but not that big a deal, you will still occasionally need a potion to heal quickly when in liberation battles.

I have completed the game twice (Xardas/Adanos solution and Rhobar/Innos solution); if and when I play again, I will do the Belliar solution and gain enough orc reputation to see Kan, then I will know.
GorN_RuleZ [ level 106 ]
Ok thanks man cuz i thought i needed that cuz my guy that is lvl 42 520 hp and 320 str with 2 hand wepons that gets killed by wolves >_< and when im fighting i die pretty easy by about anything and i thought the regeneration would help
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Hint! Wear armor, helmet, rings and amulet that provides protection and use a shield rather than two hand weapon, have you patched to 1.12 version, that fixes the wolves killing you easily problem.
GorN_RuleZ [ level 106 ]
Well i have my regen now im lvl 72 pally and i cant be killed by any weapons or arrows the only thing that can kill me now is magic i learned the 2 weapon thing but im stuck tryin to find 2 chalices because milten dissapered with one and i dont know where he is and i cant find the mage near okara
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Milton is on the mountain inside the monastery in Nordmar, go there last. See the Okara section comments for how to find Rakus.
GorN_RuleZ [ level 106 ]
that is the problem milten isnt in the monestry i checked every where in the rooms and in the libary he isnt anywhere to be found
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
I know he is not in the monastery, but he is up on the mountain the pathway starts inside the monastery grounds, in fact if you talked to the NPCs there they would have told you that.
Graypelt [ level 104 ]
can some one help me im a mage lv 42 and i got like 260 acient knowledge and i cant find the bless weapon or dominace spell or any of the like 200 and up ones and its really annoying
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
I am not going to be real helpful here as I have yet to play the game as a Mage. But I assume that the trainers are the other mages, you must ask them to train you, and it gives a list of spells that each can train. The high priest of water mages is Saturus, the high priest of fire mages is the one upstairs from Rhobar throne room (forgotten the name) and the high dark priest of is the one in the temple at Backaresh. There are lesser trainers of each who teach various other spells. You need to find and talk to each water mage, each fire mage, each druid (in ranger camps), and each dark priest. If you find them all, then you should be able to gain any and all spells.

Almost forgot Bogir is a druid, too.

Almost forgot this too, the shrines (Innos and Beliar variety) are also magic trainers.
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Graypelt [ level 104 ]
thnx anyway Mongo 1 but i tried all the mages i could possibly find and i tried all the altars they didnt work ethier so if any one knows where the are plz help
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
I found a scroll of bless weapon once, but then promptly forgot about it and never used it. Sorry I could not be more specific, but I look at the spells each guy teaches in the course of dialog, but never tried to memorize or look for specific ones. And it's been a while since I last played the game. Will go back and play as a mage one of these days, when I do I'll log the spells each trainer teaches then post it here. No help for you, but at least it will be here. If someone else wants to do this, by all means go ahead, it could be quite a while (months) before I get back into it.
rafci80 [ level 104 ]
to Graypelt:

In order to learn Bless, Meteor and Dominance you need to choose Innos path, i.e. go to monastery with 5 artifacts of Adanos and choose Innos. Then, you can learn these 3 highest rank spells in any shrine.

For Beliar three most powerful spells you need to choose the path of Beliar in the highest temple in Bakaresh.

For Adanos three most powerful spells you need to choose the path of Adanos (destroying artefacts in the big furnace).

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Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Thanks for sharing that info. I tried to help, but since I have not yet played G3 mage-oriented, I should refrain from attempting to respond to mage questions.
Graypelt [ level 104 ]
thnx i found this out already whoever but thnx for the help i was foolin around and chose innos then went to learn fireball and then i saw em thx anywayz
EternalSorrow [ level 103 ]
hey all, just registered so i can discuss gothic here. the gamefaqs boards are slow and not many experienced players are there, where as here we seem to have a resident expert(mongo).

anyways, so am i to understand you cannot get the best 3 spells in any of the magic catagories until youve basicaly beaten the game? After youve found the divine artifacts and then go win the war of the gods for whicever god you choose, isnt the game essentially, if not actually over?

if so, really lame design on the devs part i think, though the rest of the game rocks, despire the plethora of bugs and poor optimization job.
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Welcome aboard, though I hardly consider myself an expert, I am willing to share what I have learned, and to expand the usefulness of this game guide. To answer your question, it seems to be so, but the only thing required to make the decision (path) is to accumulate all of the Adanos artifacts. Whether or not the game is over at that point is pretty much up to you. While there are plenty of quests, you have to complete to get the artifacts, there are many more that you can put off until after you choose a path. That's what they mean by being non-linear. And once you make the choice, there are some significant quests to complete before the game ends. I check back here at least once a day, and will respond to any question(s) concerning the game. Nothing personal though as I do not consider this a chat room forum.

In my opinion, the game concept is excellent, but the developers and beta testers should be ashamed of themselves, for allowing such a shoddy product reach the market place. There are lots of playability issues that should have been the target of the patch process, but they had so many game freeze issues, they had to expend all the budget for those, and I doubt the playability issues ever get addressed. As an example, there were severe memory leaks, which unless you had 2G or more memory would cause frequent game freezes, those have been addressed by the patch, but AI issues like those companion hunting quests, where the companion runs too close to the prey, and just stands there waiting to tell you that the prey should be around here somewhere. Meanwhile, the prey is already attacking him and usually he winds up DRT.
EternalSorrow [ level 103 ]
haha sup mongo, yea i agree with alot of your points.

out of curiosity though, what are these significant quests you can complete after you return the divine artifacts?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Well, the Innos (and Beliar?) solution(s) require you to kill Zuben and all the orc town lords (which you might have already done). Xardas wants you to kill Rhobar and Zuben. The point is that there are lots of quests that you can hold off on, while concentrating on just those required to obtain all the artifacts. Once you have the artifacts, then you can choose which ending (of three) you wish to pursue and then complete all those quests you did not do. It's that non-linear aspect of the game. Yes, most people choose to complete most quests before they obtain the artifacts, then you are right, there is not much left to do, just the final kills, game over. But you are free to hold off on many quests and complete them later, so then you can make good use of those best of spells.
fireball [ level 103 ]
Does anyone know how can i use the deflect spells ability? i learned for Karrypto , the mage from Vengard...its said deflect spells using magic staves or something like that...but what am i supose to do when a foe.. for example an orc shaman cast fireball on me...what am i supose to push to deflect the spell.....or i got it all wrong....please help
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
If it is a skill and not a spell, then I assume it is like the shield parry skill, which I believe is activated with the back arrow or 'S' key depending on which keyboard scheme you are using. Check the settings (keyboard) and it should tell you which key activates it. Go into fight mode and play around on some weak critters, even though they cast no spell, you should see the mnameless one move the stave into a defensive posture.
Kashaya [ level 102 ]
Can anyone help me? How do you become master swordsman? I have over 200 strenght but the teachers still say "Your not ready to learn that yet". Why?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Bring up your skill tree, it should tell you all requirements for learning each skill. It could also be a reputation thing. For example, they will not sell you paladin armor until you have 50 reputation with rebels. The fire sword will not be available until you reach something like 20 reputation. You can't learn master until you have actually learned journeyman (it can not be a skill provided by an item).
Kashaya [ level 102 ]
I have all the requirements but maybe it's a reputation ting then.
Entecy [ level 101 ]
Right. Hi everyone, I'm new =) Just registered, i found out that this place is rather active and a lot of people speak abaut things that trouble them. I also have a question or i should say a problem that really worries me.

The Situation:

I kinda had a problem before with learning " make poison " though it was like i payed the 2500 gold coins, was told how to do it, then came the window make poison learned. and then i had the option to learn it again. and i could repeat it like infinite times nad still not have the skill. I just tryed right now and managed to learn it, i'd like to know now, what are the requirements to learn that? Have anyone else faced such a bug? It doesn't show any requested skill level for it. I had 98 just now, and before i had also around 60-70 when i couldn't learn.

Also i don't know who made this wonderful guide and if he echecks these forums from time to time, but i have a feeling that Lares, the friend from the ship" also teaches impossible pickpocketing. Well he IS the so called best thief, as much as i remember i learned it from him, could someone confirm ?

I have one more question which i think is also related to trainers and training. Does the strenght level itself increase the damage ? Like if i have 500 strenght and basic swordman skill, should i do more damage than with 100 strenght and advanced swordman skill with the same blade?

Anyways big thx, Great place !
Entecy [ level 101 ]
Sorry for " flooding" I just noticed that this guide is missing the " learn to make explosive arrows " trainer. Is there anyone to teach ? Maybe the lonely alchemist who has a hut somewhere in nordmar and was kicked out from his clan for exploding a hut? You get a mission related to getting 12 exploding arrows from him for the wolf clan hunters.

One small question more. In 1.12 version ( i believe ) there was a skill called "???" at the end of the fighting skills ? And in 1.5 community patched version it's deleted. Is it some planned but non released skill or a bug ?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]

The brew poison skill is bugged, you can ask to be trained in it as many times as you have cash and skill points to pay, but you will never learn it. Sorry, think that was mentioned several times in this forum. And the patch has not addressed this yet.

You are right about the make explosive arrows skill (guy in shack in Nordmar), but the skill is of little use, the explosive arrows that you find and can buy from the guy are worthwhile, but you only need a few so learning the skill is a waste of skill points and you will find one of the raw materials required is limited. In other words, you will find or buy more than you can ever make.

Strength increases damage, sword training increases likelihood of hitting and critical strike chance. In a series of battles, strength will count more, in a single battle, the sword skill may take precedence.

Pickpocketing is of little value in Gothic 3, no experience bonus for each successful heist, as in 2. And you don't get the good stuff, usually just a few gold. Lares teaches either impossible lockpicking (not needed as you get sufficient scrolls to cover all impossible lock chests) or impossible pickpocketing, but not both. The thief (quest) in Mora Sul teaches the other.

The ??? skill was a placemarker and was removed in the patch. There was specualtion that it was intended to be the leap attack skill similar to the barbarian skill in Diablo and Sacred. Probably was something like that, that was story boarded, but the SW developers could not implement.
S1988wanted [ level 101 ]
Hello mates since Gothic 1 is getting less intresting to many buggs coud ruin your game after a short wile . With some NPCs that won;t give you the quest when you need the reputation of 75 % to talk with the leaders to many people got stuck an 68 %reputation in some towns . Assasin how it will hellp you in the game ? Useful only for Grompel to assasinate him Itís another quest from Zapotek. The Orc orders you to kill his rival Grompel the shaman But you coud use the quest connected with finding new guardians. When you find them itís almost impossible to kill the shaman not being noticed .( O and is just incredible that they dont let you know his name not even in Gothic 3 ) nameles hero :D . what hapened with the Dragons was better then the Nasty beast's Or if you restore the fire calises you shoud be able to use that power or if just a failure quest just set for a long journey
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
As much as I can decipher; I have never had a problem getting the required reputation (75%) in any town, you just have to be patient and perform most of the required quests. People got stuck because they killed a required NPC before getting credit for a quest from them. Such is the way with non-linear gameplay, actions have consequences.

The easiest way to assassinate Grompel is to wait until you have the quest to kill him and then ask Grompel to show you the way to the rebels. He will escort you out of town and to a secluded enough spot that you can do him in with no consequence. However, there is a quest to escort an Orc to Grompel, if you wish to complete the quest for Orc favor, you have to do that one first, too. If you kill that orc and take his booty for a rebel reward, then no problem.

What's the big deal about the name or lack of one, as one NPC replies 'Your name does not matter'?

Sorry, I don't really understand the rest.
Aengus [ level 100 ]
Does enybody know how can i learn fire mage skill?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
If you mean fire mage spells, then any fire mage or Innos shrine. If you mean the top skills, first you have to find the Adanos artifacts and take them first to Rhobar and then Innos (on mountain top from monastery), then he (or Rhobar or other high fire mages) will teach you the top fire mage skills.
Aengus [ level 100 ]
Aengus [ level 100 ]
Does anybody know where can i buy\find water mage robe? How many ranger camps and druids exist in game.
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
There is one on the road from Cape Dun/Ardea to Montera; one just off the road and up a hill between Trelis and Geldern, and another one in Myrtanna, but very near Nordmar that is rather hard to find. It is part of a circular and two-way quest. The orc party you must also find is on a cliff just above them, the camp is near a waterfall coming out of Nordmar. There are lots of shadowbeasts there also.

As for the robe, not really sure you can buy one, but if so, it would clearly have to be from the water mage's friends (Nomads) in Varant.
EyeZ [ level 100 ]
You can get the robe from a water mage i got 1 already find cronos(i think he can sell you it) or some1 else of the water mages(just don't look by nomads you won't find it there.

You can see all water mages here:http://guides.gamepressure.com/gothic3/guide.asp?ID=1490(just go down till you find a map with numbers then go just a little down and you will see the names just go there where the number 1 is + cronos isn't so easy to find.

xardasmage [ level 96 ]
were I can learn skill fire mage

xardasmage [ level 96 ]
Were I can learn skill:fire mage?

xardasmage [ level 96 ]
Were I can get beter fire mage robo or magical staf
Shanuan [ level 105 ]
Haven't encountered any bug yet (apart from meatbugs), but where do you learn to smith magical weapons?

I must have liberated too many towns, the orcs attack as soon as they see me.
Shanuan [ level 105 ]
Further to my last comment, as Mongo1 said on 29/12/2007 23:26 if you kill an NPC, this is an open ended game, some thing change and may no longer be possible. I lost the Pavel quest, follow me to my cabin (duh), because the Ocrs interupted and after that I couldn,t find him anymore.

Well such is life, even amongst Orcs.

cieljigoku [ level 90 ]
hey all, anybody know who can teach me the highest spell of the fire mage? d water mage can be taught byVatras, and the Dark mage by Tizgar. Who is the fire mage that can teach me the highest knowledge of fire mage? Thanx a lot.
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
I can't say for sure because I never pursued magic, but I assume the Fire Mage upstairs from Rhobar would be the one; otherwise how about the Innos shrine itself? Also how about Rhobar, after you become a paladin? Everyone tells me how easy the game is with magic, and easy is not my cup of tea, I prefer the difficulty, nothing like taking down a Black Troll in a melee fight.
banneman [ level 81 ]
The closest acrobatics trainer around montera, okada, where could he (she?!) be?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Acrobatics ĖPavel from Silden, Harek from Cape Dun (if you escorted him to Jens)

The above was cut and pasted directly from the guide; Yes, these are the only options; obviously, Harek is the earliest possibility since he's near Cape Dun. It all depends on how you resolved his situation (escaped slave). If you returned him to the Hashishin slave trader in Cape Dun, then cross him off. You will have to wait until you are able to escort Pavel from Silden to his cabin. If not, Jens is the hunter w/cabin just down the road from Cape Dun. Gothic III is all about choices and consequences.

Witcher is another of the choices and consequences genre, even more so than Gothic III.
Hawk.eye [ level 73 ]
Nobody can teach you the Fire Mage skill! I am not taLKING ABOUT THE SPELLS, I AM TALKING ABOT THE SKILL FROM THAT TABEL IF YOU press C! And where can I find the staff of the fire mage?
simon911 [ level 71 ]
Someone here can tell me who teach us to forge swords from pure magic ore please ???
NamelessHero [ level 71 ]
hey guys

u can find pure magic ore blank in a chest by the dragon which is located in a cave under Cape Dun.

hope that was useful :)
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Unfortunately, the location of that stuff is random, u found it there, play the game again and it may be in a different chest, in the same locale or somewhere completely different.
NamelessHero [ level 71 ]
i didn't know that. then i dont really know where to find pure magic ore blank... :S

thanks for the information mongo :)

u seem to know almost everything about gothic 3 ;) have u ever played gothic 1 or 2?

almost forgot: is best to go to nordmar after varant and myratana or doesnt really matter cuz some people talk that nordmar is very dangerous?

and where can i learn fireball early in the game...i tried shrine but u cant learn it there?

this post has been modified by its author [2010-06-30 10:21:33]
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Yes I have played all versions except Forsaken Gods, which I have on my laptop, but haven't played yet. I have been trapped (hooked) in a MMORPG called Perfect World for the last year and a half, still enjoying it. Check with all the fire mages you meet for learning spells, I can't really help you with mage stuff (see nick) strictly a melee fighter. BTW some shrines are slightly different than others so maybe you have to find right shrine.

There is some stuff you can handle in Nordmar early, but yes it is dangerous place and you should really wait until you can handle it all. No real advantage going there early.
NamelessHero [ level 71 ]
i also played all versions and they' re pretty cool..now some gothic 4 arcania came out..is it worth to play it..?

Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Forsaken Gods is supposed to be the transitional work from Gothic to Arcania, I have FG, but have not played it... yet. I haven't looked at Arcania; but will buy it someday. I can hardly imagine that if you liked the Gothic series that you wouldn't like it, but... I can't endorse it until I play it. Unfortunately, I am still heavily involved in playing Perfect World, my first MMORPG, and it gets all my game playing time for now.
NatteFrost [ level 70 ]
Hey how can I learn the highest summoning magic? Tizgar can only teach me ancient knowlenge.. Can only Beliar teach me?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Though I can not say so with 100% surety, I would think that is so, Beliar teaches as Innos teaches fire.
Mauro3 [ level 68 ]
hey,maybe this is a stupid question but,zyou can level up your health or is it always 200? if you can please tell me how.thanks.
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Shirt answer is NO! It goes up each time you level, and there are potions that plus it up, some you will find, and you can make them with the right ingredients and skill.
Mauro3 [ level 68 ]
well ok.then why is that my guy is level 11 and he still has the same 200 health points i started with.
Mauro3 [ level 68 ]
wlll it turns out that there are shrines outside the cities that grant you hp for money.but thanks anyway
badeball [ level 68 ]
I have master skill with regular bow, and often use it to pick off foes or creatures from a distance.

My question is: I know that increasing Hunting skill affects what bows I can use, but does it also affect:

1. Hit damage?

2. Hit distance?

3. Hit accuracy?

Does Strength affect hit damage when using a regular bow?

Thnx in advance!
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Answer First part is a definite yes on damage and accuracy, the distance not sure, think the bow determines range. Second part don't think so, strength determines damage for melee weapons for sure, but don't think it has any effect on ranged weapons.
badeball [ level 68 ]
Cheers, Mongo! Will put some more LP into hunting skill. I have the silent death bow (115 I think) and I kill boars, deer, lurkers, jackals, regular grey wolves and regular goblins with one arrow from quite a distance. Ice wolves and black goblins - that's another story..

I have a few spells I use as well, and it is way too easy to start using fire ball all the time. I kill most orc warriors and elite warriors with 2 hits even from quite a distance, (scouts with 1), mine crawlers, sand crawlers and shadowbeasts with 1, gargoyles, sabertooth tigers and others with 2. Quick tapping the left mouse button you can even easily kill a black troll because it cant move forward while being constantly hit. Takes me about 5-6 hits (I do have around 500 mana though). The target lock ability is absolutely lovely (and funny, like when the fire ball follows a foe around the corner), but it does make the game very easy. You get lazy. I prefer atleast having to aim with the bow. And believe me, when ending up in close combat situations I sure wish I'd spent more time honing my melee skills! (using the controls and mouse I mean, I have master swordfighter and master heavy weapon (?) in the game, but that doesnt help if you've gone around firing off magic spells from afar all the time). Anyways. Wandering around Varant now with a demon I summoned. Want to see how long he stays before he vapourises or whatever they might do when the "magic" runs out. But his constant demon mumbling is driving me nuts so I might just kill him off before I find out ;) LOL. I wonder if the game makers had fun and put in some actual words in there. Sometimes I think I can recognize a word or two. Would be fun if that's the case!

Sorry for derailing into off topic'ness, son of eager helpfulness. Again thanks!
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Glad to help

BTW is that Badeball as in 'badeball bin bedy bedy gud to me' LOL
badeball [ level 68 ]
haha, no, chico :)

it actually means 'beach ball' in norwegian. uh... i was bored and the nick i wanted was already taken. LOL
Maq_A [ level 91 ]
Who can teach u to make sharp arrows? Can someone tell me plz? I find numerous people who sold the recipe, but no one can teach me that.
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
if you bought the recipe then you have the skill, though I dun remember that one. You learn sharpen blade from any blacksmith trainer, and then can sharpen blade quarrels but dun need recipe except to make them. So I guess I am confused.
andrei28 [ level 63 ]
Who teaches you to become an assassin?
Mongo1 [ level 108 ]
Assuming you mean teach you the murder thief skill, that would be Urgasal in Ishatar, and he's the only one which is why peaceful access to Ishtar is important. He is also dual sword master trainer (again only one).
Bardulf [ level 75 ]
For people who are disapointed in the fact that they are unable to get certain skills because of the path choices they made such as Paladin, Master of two Blades, ect. I have a bit of helpfull information. Master of two Blades can be gained be equipting a Master Sword. There are two ways to get this. I recomend forging it, so you get the +10 damage from a self-forged weapon. The plan cost 20000 gold coins from blacksmiths in Varant, I find Enzo, the blacksmith in Ben Sala has the plan more often than the others. A master sword has a base stat of 105 damage, making it have a damage of 125 when self-forged and sharpened, a truly formitable weapon. To forge it, you need a magic ore blank and two katanas. One katana is recieved from Angar upon beating him in the arena of Mora Sul, the other is found in a Heavy Chest (Weapon Chest). The other way to get the Master Blade, is to loot it from a Heavy Chest. However you dont get the self-forged bonus, and I find it is easier to make it. The master blade is a magic ore weapon, and requires magic ore forging to make. This is odd, because the Rune Blade, a pure magic ore weapon, has the same base damage, and is shorter, but also gives defensive stats. Save your pure ore blanks for the Sword of the Ancestors, which has a higher base damage and is longer. (If you dont know, pure ore blanks are a reward from "Liberate Nordmar!", but they can also be found from Solid Metal Chests, its rare, so quick save and quick load infront of them until you get it. The third pure ore weapon, is Power of the Ancestors, the two handed version of Sword of the ancestors, but this requires two pure ore blanks to get. All three pure ore weapon blueprints can be found in Heavy Chests.) As for the paladin skill, if you missed your chance with Rhobar, you can still get it. One of the most powerfull, if not THE most powerfull weapon in the game is the Wrath of Innos. This is found in the last Heavy Chest you open (#48). It is a two-handed weapon, requiring large weapon 3 skill, and a strength somewhere around 350. The base damage is around 160, sharpened to 170. The weapon is blessed when you find it, and when you wield the blade, you gain the paladin skill. Happy hunting!
Ralfus [ level 62 ]
Hey there! :D i'm just registered and i've come to anwere a question that i've seen all over the conversation (i've read it all xD dam you really have a discussion here :D).

Well, that's the tip: The "Brew Poison" skill is learned from Grompel (the shaman in Sildern), after you gain audience with the Orc Leader (the one who seems to be an old warlord in the war o something like that :P), then Grompel acceed to share his "shaman magic knowledge" with you (it's just ancient knowledge, so don't think there is a secret magic or whatever). And also he teach you some alchemy, there is where our dam searched skill: "Brew Poison" is.

I hope it's help you all, and.. sorry if i'm a little bit difficult to understand, i'm haven't find out where is someone who can teach me the skill "master english speaker" LOL (that's would be awesome! hahaha :D).

Oh! I almost forgot, if you just try to learn this skill in any other alchemist (because it's apears that they also want to teach you anyways)... you'll fall in the cursed bug again and... say goodbye to the "brew poison" skill forever after.

Amm.... that's all. I just have one.. no, two questions after all....

1s What's can we do with the "Stone Portal" that's right between Sildern and Geldern, into the forest (where we do 2 quest for Geldern, one is the Gold Mine that Ivan (the unholy mercenary) plundered, and the other quest it's the mine overuned by wolves) well i really don't know how to describe the path to get there... but.. just have a look and it's right behind your eyes. It's look like a forest path and all the path it's garnished with stones (like doors but just the vertical sides.. mm... zyou know what i mean? :S i hope you do). Well, and in the end of the path we get to a suposed mountain "endway" with really big rocks... but, if you see as well, there is a little.. a tinny diferent stone in the bottom part. Then you go near this rock/stone and you will read (like when you see the name of the door's temples in the dessert) "Stone Portal".. and when you click at it, the "nameless hero" say.. "not yet",

2s There seems to be six druid's stones in all the wolrd. I'm just missing one, i have the: Ripperbeast , Shadowbeast, Wolf, Snapper and Lion.. I think that the one that i'm missing is the sonte of the "Wild Boar" (?) that's right? and... where i can find it?...

And also, i have the idea that this six stones are needed for the "Stone Portal" that i'm talking about in the first question.

Well, i'm really sorry for my "blabling"... hehe..
Ralfus [ level 62 ]
i must say that i'm really sorry... but i was wrong with the Shaman of Sildern... (i don't know why) i've just remembered like this... and it's wrong... just it... and... the stone portal... amm... i've finished the game and... well i know now what's that portal for...

but, by the way... the six druid's stone is still missing for me...
Ralfus [ level 62 ]
Hi again!... Sebastian from Reddock teach the "Lear Faster" skill too. (this time i'm sure XD)
6Hell6Spawn6 [ level 76 ]
Yeah, So guys Who the hell teach's Sharp Arrows????

I bough the recipe and i can't find no know who teaches that damn skill. !!!

Archdemon199 [ level 50 ]
Hi guys, I'm new here and I was wondering that does the Magic Staves skill actually work cause it doesn't show any kind of 'shield' when I parry with it. Anyone know anything about it? Thanks in advance!
Solun [ level 38 ]
Great list, just what I needed. Thanks
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